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Submitting Statements of Ownership

PS Form 3526 (Statement of Ownership, Management, and Circulation) is required for all Periodicals publications annually on or before the first of October. Periodicals privileges may be suspended if the deadline is not met.

To submit PS Form 3526:

  1. Go to the Business Customer Gateway on and log on. Click Postal Wizard (PostalOne!). Alternately, click Postal Wizard on the left menu bar on the left menu bar if you are already on another PostalOne! page.

  2. Click 3526.

  3. Enter the year. The default is the current year.

  4. Click a permit number. All Periodicals and Pending Periodicals permits you can access are listed.

  5. Enter basic publication information and associated individuals (such as the publisher, editor, etc.). The number of issues published per year and Publisher are required.

  6. Add, edit, or delete owners and known bondholders, mortgagees, and other security holders. List all individuals or organization with more than a 1% interest in the ownership, bonds, mortgages, or securities.

  7. For nonprofit organization, indicate if nonprofit authorization has changed in the past year. If not, click Has Not Changed During Preceding 12 months. If nonprofit authorization has changed, click Has Changed During Preceding 12 Months, then enter an explanation of the changes. This option only appears if the nonprofit authorization has been requested in the past for the permit.

  8. Click Continue.

  9. If necessary, on the address verification page, select the appropriate address. To accept the address as entered, click Accept This Address. Otherwise, select the appropriate address, then click Select Address at the bottom of the page. Repeat if necessary until all addresses have been verified. This is only necessary if the AMS check boxes were selected in steps 5 or 6.

  10. Enter the issue date to use for circulation information, then click a Calculation Method option. To enter circulation information manually, click Manual. To have the system automatically complete circulation information based on mailings in the select year, click Automatic.

  11. Enter circulation information and the name and title of the person approving (signing) the form, select the certification check box. Signatory name, Issue Date and the certification check box are required.

  12. To save as a draft, click Save as Draft. Otherwise, click Save as Final to submit the form. Drafts save all entered information, but the form is not listed as complete and does not appear as a completed form in USPS reports until a final version has been submitted.

  13. Click OK in the message box to acknowledge that the Statement of Ownership, Management, and Circulation for the current year has been saved.